Pure water – Luxury or Necessity?

Pure water – Luxury or Necessity?

Beep!! Beep!! Beep!! The blaring sound of the alarm clock wakes you up from the sweet slumber land. Groggily rubbing your eyes, you drag yourself out of the bed to the bathroom. You turn the handle of the faucet and whoosh! Brown water spurts out of the tap. Would you still wash up with that? Or imagine this, you turn on the tap at the kitchen sink and fill a glass to quench your thirst. One sip and your taste buds regret always being the first ones to taste – salt, this time. Would you dare finish the rest of the water? If you think that’s not much, how about this – your tummy is generally troubled and one fine day you decide to see the doctor who tells you it is because of the impure water you drink every day. Would you still drink it or let anyone from your family drink it?

Think! Think well and act now! Drinking pure water is not a luxury, it is a necessity and it is your right to healthy living. Number of people affected by drinking impure water is unbelievably high and increasing each year. Act now to safeguard you and to protect your loved ones. Get the water tested and act immediately to ensure you and your loved ones drink only clean and pure water.

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