Drop of Life

Drop of Life

Do you know why is Earth also called a blue planet? Sure you do, but do you know how much of fresh water is readily available for human use? It is about 1 percent. Only! Shocking isn’t it? It is precious than the most precious objects – yes, every drop of water counts! Thinking about how you wasted it by leaving the tap on, as you lazily brushed your teeth this morning? Well, it’s never too late to take corrective actions.

Simple actions you pledge to take today will make a huge difference – even in that monthly utility bill! Don’t take our words for it, try & see on your own.

Here are some doable tips to use water wisely, add your own by commenting below.

  1. Use a good water purifier. While you drink pure & safe water, the discarded water can be used for other (non-drinking) household purposes.
  2. Turn the taps off when not in use, especially while shaving or brushing teeth.
  3. Fix the leaky pipes as soon as you can.
  4. Use watering can while gardening instead of hosepipes.
  5. Take shorter showers, every reduced minute will save you liters of water.

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