5 reasons to drink water

5 reasons to drink water

We drink water when we are thirsty, that’s very natural. But do you know drinking water does a lot more than simply quenching the thirst? The list of benefits of drinking water is fairly long. Often we don’t think about it as we guzzle down a glass of cool water to soothe our parched throats on a typical hot day. Go on and read some of the benefits listed here and remember them as you head for your next glass of H2O.

  1. Drinking water increases energy levels & rejuvenates. Next time you experience mild fatigue, kick it with a glass of cool water.
  1. It is absolutely essential for our survival. A person can survive without food for about a month but less than a week without water.
  1. Water helps maintain a healthy body weight by regulating appetite. Water helps in the digestion process and contributes to the overall health by flushing out waste and any disease causing bacteria.
  1. Water naturally moisturizes the skin making it supple, healthy and glowing.
  1. Drinking enough water can prevent headaches. Drinking water is also known to reduce the risk of certain cancers.

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