Water, also called Deur in Breton is the ambrosia of every living being on this planet. It is the element of survival and living, civilisations have been formed near water bodies and kingdoms have fought over water. It is what drove mankind to progress and modernity. However, the water that we drink today is not as safe as we think.

As much as water is precious, it is infected. It is healthy but filled with millions of bacteria and it might be a thirst quencher but it could also be a life taker.

We, at Deur understand water. We know its benefits and also know how to neutralise its harmful effects. Deur, as it literally means in Dutch is a barrier that closes the entrance to a room.  With Deur water purifiers, you can be assured of the purest of water entering your body to make you healthy, fit and fine.

Deur water purifier provides you with the most modern technology available in the market to make you a healthy and happy individual. It uses UV disinfection technique along with RO filtration, to give you the purest and safest form of water.

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