Drink 100% healthy, pure and tasty water

The rain showered its blessings upon us and the ground water welcomed us with it’s fresh springs when we made the purest, safest and cleanest filtered drinking water, Deur water purifier

Advantage of RO Water Purification

Mineral level controller

Double purification by RO and UV kills bacteria, virus and removes cysts

Removes dissolved impurities like arsenic, rust, pesticides, fluoride etc

Drink 100% healthy, pure and tasty water


Drinking 8 glasses or more of clean, pure water can do wonders for your body. It can make your skin glow and make you appear younger. You won’t require any of those anti-ageing creams once you start drinking enough water. Drinking water flushes out toxins from your body and keeps you active throughout the day. It is also said to be a mood alleviator that keeps you fresh and happy. Water also has the ability to control body temperature and keep your weight in check. So, the next time you want to feel healthier or boost your immune system, remember to drink lots of water


Get pure and clean water
Eco Friendly 
It is eco-friendly and keeps your water free from any chemicals
Color tones
The different colour tones of the purifier will add to the sophistication of your kitchen
Auto sense
Automatically refills the tank when empty and stops filling the tank when it senses that it is full
Enabled with RO and UV technology
Purifies all types of water
Purifies hard or soft water and makes it drinkable
Wall mounting
Does not occupy your kitchen space and gives you the freedom to work
NSF Certified
NSF certified filters and membranes
Competitively priced
It’s reasonable price and good quality gives it an edge over its competitors

Water purification processes like boiling and ultraviolet light destroys bacteria but it does not remove pollutants like metals and chemicals. On the other hand, RO water purifier filters such pollutants as well

Water filters without RO need a new filter every 2- 4 weeks but a Reverse Osmosis water purifier has membrane filters that last for a very long time

RO water filters do not produce any chemicals and are completely eco-friendly. Their consumption is comparatively lower than regular water filters

RO filters removes contaminants and dissolved minerals, which otherwise would make the water look odd or make it smell unpleasant

RO water filters eliminates almost all salt and removes 99% of bacteria and pyrogenic substances from the water, thus helping people who suffer from heart disease

Reverse Osmosis systems eliminates animal waste, chemicals as well as heavy metals that are harmful to health such as mercury, lead and selenium

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